Managed IT Services

Security, Privacy, Uptime, Communication, and Collaboration, Tailored to your business workflow.


What We Do

Repair and Replacement

When technology in your office breaks, we replace or fix it.

Easy to understand

We know the technology we use so well, that we can relay information about your tech environment in words everyone can understand.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We protect your files with an encrypted redundant offsite backup to prevent data loss.

Network Design

We ensure your local network is fast and secure so you can focus on productivity. There’s no one size fits all solution for network design, so we base our choices on the way you work.

Cloud Services

We partner with the best companies in silicon valley (Microsoft, Google, and others) to provide the best tools for your business. We specialize in phone systems and service, email services, cloud productivity tools, cloud collaboration/conferencing tools, cloud administration tools, and more.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is constantly adapting, changing shape, and solving problems. We supplement our best practices with software from the top security researchers on the planet. We use platforms with live cyber security experts and AI to remedy new vulnerabilities as they arise.


Supplement your IT Department

Even an IT department needs access to tools and equipment to function. We have partnerships with providers and distributors, for the items and services they need. We work directly with IT departments to reduce surprise expenses and plan for upcoming changes.

We Design Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our tools have integrations with thousands of general and industry specific platforms that create a seamless work experience for you and your team.

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Your Goals Unified

Technology should work for you. As your Managed IT services provider, The Solution Tailor provides the expertise needed to realize your unique business goals.






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